Find your perfect hair brush

Find your perfect hair brush


Choosing the right hair tools is essential to achieving the locks you've always dreamed of. Much like a skilled artist wielding a fine brush to craft a masterpiece, your hair deserves the same level of care and attention. Balmain Hair offers a range of premium hairbrushes, each designed with precision and expertise, to help you attain your best hair ever.

When it comes to hairbrushes, it's not just about brushing your hair. It's about nurturing your hair's health, minimizing damage, preventing bad hair days, and achieving impeccable styles without the need for excessive heat or styling products.

The right hairbrush can work wonders, and that's why choosing the perfect one is a decision that should not be taken lightly. However, deciding on which brush is the best can be confusing because there are so many options. Always match your brush to your hair type and your needs. Will you use it every day or just when you travel? Do you want it for detangling or styling? Your choices matter. Picking the right brush and using it correctly can make a huge difference in your hair's health. There are many types of brushes out there, and you might not know which one is best for you.

Whether you have fine, tangled-prone hair or crave that extra touch of luxury in your daily routine, Balmain Hair has you covered. You'll see that a good hairbrush is the secret to beautiful hair. Let's explore our diverse and widely used hairbrushes to help you find your perfect match.

Detangling Brush | Ideal for all hair types

Detangling Brush | Ideal for all hair types

An essential brush that is suitable for both dry and wet hair is the Detangling Brush. The hairbrush has unique, soft, flexible bristles to detangle the hair effortlessly without pulling the hair or damaging the scalp. Thanks to the missing cushion in the brush, water runs easily through the hair. The Detangling Brush is therefore perfect to use in the shower on all hair types. Also available in white.

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Detangling Spa Brush | Ideal for all hair types, wigs and hair extensions

The Detangling Spa Brush lives up to its name with its flexible nylon bristles that detangle hair painlessly, without causing breakage or damage. The soft bristles provide a relaxing scalp massage and stimulate blood circulation. This brush is perfect for brushing strands of all hair types, wigs, and hair extensions.

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All Purpose Spa Brush | Ideal for extensions, thick hair and medium to long hair

With its unique blend of nylon and 100% boar bristles, the All Purpose Spa Brush detangles and polishes the hair. The nylon bristles detangle the strands without pulling any hair, while the boar bristles distribute the hair's natural oils from the roots to the ends, improving the hair's elasticity and natural shine. The All Purpose Spa Brush is specially designed for hair with extensions, thick hair, and medium to long hair.

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Luxury Spa Brush | Ideal for all hair types, especially for thin/ fine hair

The Luxury Spa Brush with 100% boar bristles is specially designed to give your hair a high gloss finish. After detangling the hair, the Luxury Spa Brush is used to activate and distribute the natural hair oils all along the hair shaft while brushing from roots to ends. The Luxury Spa Brush is the perfect tool to polish your hair and give your strands a healthy and shiny glow.

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Boar Hair Backcomb Brush | Ideal for creating instant volume

The Boar Hair Backcomb Brush with 100% boar bristles is perfect for backcombing and teasing to create a voluminous hairstyle without making knots. The brush is designed with a pointed handle to easily section the hair and can also be used to create sleek back looks.

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Mini All Purpose Spa Brush | Ideal for extensions, thick hair and medium to long hair

The Professional All Purpose Mini Spa Brush, crafted with nylon ballpoint and 100% boar hair bristles, is perfect for on-the-go and travel. Boar bristles distribute natural oils, reducing frizz and adding shine, while the nylon bristles massage the scalp, enhance circulation, and detangle the hair.

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