Detangling Spa Brush

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In short

Detangling Spa Brush with flexible nylon bristles. The flexibility of the bristles is specially designed for pain-free detangling, while the soft bristles massage the scalp to stimulate circulation. Perfect for all hair types, wigs and hair with extensions.

    Nylon bristles
    Prevents hair breakage and damage
    Detangles the hair without pulling the hair

The cushion-based nylon bristles glide easily through the hair. The bristles are strong enough to brush through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. Regular brushing creates strength, suppleness, seals the hair cuticle and produces healthy shine and beautiful hair. Because of the flexible bristles, this hairbrush is ideal for hair with hair extensions. The Detangling Spa Brush glides easily through the hair without damaging the bonds.

The black rubber cushion has eight rings of nylon bristles that move easily through the hair. In addition it has a comfortable grip because of its curved, matt coated handle. 

How to brush hair extensions (dry)

Pull all of the hair extensions to one side, hold the hair at the base with one hand to form a ponytail. This way the extensions can be brushed without pulling the bond.
Use the Detangling Spa Brush to brush the hair from the bottom to the top. Start with brushing the ends and work your way up till you reach the scalp. This way the hair will be detangled without damaging the hair.