Strands for Trans x Balmain Hair Couture


Balmain Hair Couture believes in the aspirational and transformative nature of hair, and how it can affect one's self-determination and realization of self. Therefore, it is with great excitement and joy that Balmain Hair will collaborate this Pride with Strands For Trans to bring gender affirming haircuts to the Trans Community.

Strands for Trans is a global registry of inclusive barber shops and salons in the USA that partners with salons where the trans community can come to get their hair done while feeling safe and respected. Select salons in the United States will be offering free gender-affirming hair treatments to the trans community, sponsored by Balmain Hair Couture. During this month, 10% of the Balmain Hair online sales in the USA will be donated towards the activities, operation, and expansion of Strands for Trans. 

Find below the participating salons.


Barba Grooming Boutique

235 West 19th st,

New York, NY, 10011


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Andy Lecompte Salon

616 N Almont Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069


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The Boho Salon

405 C St.

Bridgeton NC 28519.


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Dop Dop Salon

170 Mercer St,

New York, NY, 10012

(954) 254 9926

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