How to create: The Perfect Blowout

How to create: The Perfect Blowout

For those of us who try to avoid washing our hair every single day, a good blowout can keep locks looking full and glossy for days. The blowout is your newest accessory, elevating an otherwise casual outfit to stylish proportions by delivering the right amount of polish to tip the scale from pared back to put-together. Even though nothing feels better than walking out of a salon with your hair blow dried in perfect shape, we cannot go to our beloved hairdresser daily. So, how do you create the perfect blowout at home? We will reveal our backstage secrets to create the perfect blowout yourself.

Tips of Balmain Hair stylists: Hydration

Hydrated hair is an important factor in the process of a perfect blowout. Hydration is especially important when the hair is being exposed to strong heat. Therefore, she recommends to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner when washing the hair. Use the Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner to nourish your hair.

We recommend using a conditioning mask after washing the hair. The Moisturizing Repair Mask hydrates and nourishes your hair and will give you a sleek blow dry as a result.

Styling session at home:

STEP 1: 
Apply the Balmain Hair Signature Foundation, which consists out of the Argan Moisturizing Elixir and Leave-in Conditioning Spray
First, apply the Leave-in Conditioning Spray to the lengths and ends of damp hair.
Use a drop of Moisturizing Argan Elixir to give extra nourishment and shine to the ends of the hair.

Blow-dry the hair using the Styling Gel Maximum Hold at the roots and Moisturizing Styling Cream on the mid-lengths and ends for more grip and  hold. 

Section your hair and continue drying the hair one section at a time using the Professional Ceramic Round Brush 43mm.

STEP 4: 
For extra hold, fixate the hair using the Session Spray Medium, and you are done!

Receive a Leave-in Conditioning Spray Travel Size

Provide extra care during your styling session with the Leave-in Conditioning Spray Travel Size.
Receive a Leave-in Conditioning Spray Travel Size with the purchase of a Ceramic Round Brush.